Slowly but surely, hats and fascinators seem to be making their way back into this modern world so if you own one, wear yours with aplomb and élan and enjoy the experience.

There are hats and fascinators out there to suit all shapes of faces! If you are worried about how to wear your fascinator, or don’t know which style will suit you the most, be sure you visit this our “little corner” regularly, as I share helpful hints and tips on the how’s, the when’s and the why’s in wearing your fascinator.

The success of a hat or fascinator definitely lies with balancing the personality of the wearer with the type of occasion. “Don’t listen to those rules about face shape”, someone once said. “Try on 100 different hats or fascinators if you can, until you find the one that suits you best. It’s a trial and error thing.” Isn’t it just that? I can’t agree more, but for those of us who don’t have the time nor the patience to try on different head pieces and need answers, please read on …

What is the shape of my face?

Some of you may already know whether your face is round, heart-shaped, oblong, oval or square. The easiest way to find this out is to get in front of a mirror, push your hair back with a headband or hair elastic, then with a lip-liner or eye-liner, draw the outline of your face on the mirror. Now what does this resemble – round, heart-shaped, oblong, oval or square? 🙂

Oval shaped face

Most people have an oval-shaped face. Consider yourself lucky if your face is oval! You can pick and wear just about any fascinator variety. Experiment to find what suits your look and underlines your personality – Have fun!

The only thing to consider is your height – if you are tall, you can balance the look with a gorgeous wide-brimmed hat or fascinator. If you are short, wide brimmed hats can look too overwhelming. I would suggest choosing something of smaller proportions. If in doubt, look at yourself in a long mirror.

Round face

For people who have a round face there is only one rule of thumb – choose hats and fascinators that elongate your face. There are different ways how to get this optical illusion – choose hats with long lines, asymmetrical brims that slope away from the forehead. If you cannot find an asymmetrical-style fascinator, which is a very rare possibility, try a large feather fascinator, but angle it strongly on one side of your head. For round faces, fascinator styles that have ornamentation wider than the brim make a good choice, as well. You can wear large fascinators, but avoid small ones at all cost.

Oblong face

People with a long face usually have an equally wide jaw line and forehead. To balance out this feature, try finding a hat or fascinator that can hide your forehead. The classical bell-shaped cloche hat will be a great choice. You can find these in wool felt for winter and straw, pari-sisal or sinamay for summer. Pillboxes can also be an option; just make sure to keep away from those mini pillbox hats, as these can look too small and only accentuate your long features.

Heart-shaped face

You have a heart-shaped face if you have a wide forehead and a narrow, pointed chin. People with such a lovely face shape are lucky as they will look great in most hats and fascinators. However there are some shapes that should be avoided. Be careful with small fascinators and pillboxes, as these will make your forehead appear big. Larger styles may look better on you than smaller ones.

Square face

A square face can often look hard, but worry not; there are fascinator varieties that can soften the look. If you have a short, square face, try on hats that soften your straight jaw line. Choose hats and fascinators with round, flowing lines. Asymmetrical hats will also be a good choice, as they will optically cut the rigid features of your face. Look for flower and feather trimming that will soften your look. Your fascinator is best worn to the side.


If you have a narrow face, try a fascinator that is a bit wide. You will also look great in fascinators which are wide and can angle across your temple or forehead. Choose the ones that have full brims. Be sure to avoid the fascinators that have a height. They will only make your face look long.


Fascinators with a veil, feathers, netting, or other such ornamentation are best for women with an angular face. Find one with such features if you have an angular face. There are plenty of fascinator varieties available with such ornamentation. There is one thing to take note of – avoid fascinators that have square, sharp, or angular features.

I guess this is enough to absorb for now. If you are enjoying this “little corner” so far, please tune in next week for more tips and hints … and don’t forget to ‘like’ and share our page on Face Book – thanks!


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