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If this is your first time thinking about wearing a fascinator and/or hatinator and you are hesitant about it, don’t be! A fascinator is simply one of those hair accessories which will beautify the way you look, and will certainly change the way you feel! All right, with that out of the way, let’s look at some tips that will help you choose the right fascinator style for yourself.

At this point, I can distinctly hear some of you murmur to yourselves “I know what a hat is but the word ‘fascinator’ and ‘hatinator’ completely throws me!” Okay. Let me take a moment to describe these ….

What are Fascinators?

With less weight than a full hat, but similar to the Kentucky Derby and church-going women, fascinators are a great alternative to hats. Striking, modern and easy to wear, this head piece can still be the eye-catching centerpiece of an outfit, is a timeless accessory, and is a style of formal millinery that is popular among British women.

And a Hatinator?

Simply put, it’s the perfect ‘half way house’ between a hat and a fascinator.

Please stay tuned ….. tips on how to wear these head pieces coming your way soon!

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