Welcome to Our Little Corner! My name is Janet Andoh, the Founder of ByAlpha Couture – A unique women’s brand that addresses our fashion accessory needs. It is my desire to encourage others (and of course, myself) in reaching their greatest potential by adding a fresh perspective as they re-discover this lost art, bringing class, grace, elegance and sophistication back into today’s modern society.

Hats, fascinators, hatinators and head pieces are such incredible things; from the moment you put one on, you become something else! It’s all about drama, perfection, excitement, love and passion. But in all of this, we sometimes get caught up and have no idea how to go about wearing one. So in this ‘Little Corner’, please join me as we explore the details of everyday etiquette, modern manners, and the beauty of being a true lady – a classy woman!

Here you will also enjoy regular doses of inspirational quotes, interesting ideas, elegant décor, classic fashion and great tips for living well. I will also share with you some of my own personal stories; challenges, experiences, life’s lessons; in fact anything and everything that will help us live our best life at any age, regardless of financial status!

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