Couture Lap Scarves

“Are you a lady of rare distinction? You can be fashionable and modest at the same time.” 

– Shirley Hawkin.

What is a Lap Scarf? Have you ever had the experience of wearing that dress or skirt that was the ‘bomb’ when you got dressed and looked in the mirror, only to find out that when you got to your destination there was no way you could sit down comfortably, because of its length?  That’s exactly what a lap scarf is for – to assist with providing modest covering!  These can make perfect, elegant and wonderful gifts for Conference Registration Packs, Church Anniversaries, Ushers’ Anniversaries, Women’s Day, celebrating your “First lady”, Birthdays, Mothers’ Day, Retreats, Seminars, etc., just to name a few.

Couture Lap Scarves were inspired by God through a special lady, sister and friend of mine.  When God wants to use you, He places people in your life to help bring what He placed in you to pass. I give praise and thanks to God for placing First Lady Ethel Lewis in my life.  This was birthed because of her persistence and trust in me – glory to God!